About What I Do

About Me

I have been interested in the way the mind works since a very early age. Most of what I read about since then has been shown to be totally wrong. I was brought up to believe that once we reached a certain age the structure of our brain was fixed and that we started a long and slow decline in our mental faculties. How things have changed! We now know that the brain is capable of significantly 'rewiring' itself not only by creating new neuron loops using existing neurons but also, in certain areas at least, creating new neurons. A neuron is a specialised type of cell.

Even more interesting and exciting is that we can consciously influence certain aspects of this process if we use the right techniques. Over the past four years I have made a point of searching out and training in these techniques so that I can use them to the benefit of my clients by helping them overcome a wide range of issues that are based upon unhelpful memory patterns that they have picked up at various stages of their lives.


In short, these techniques help me to 'unpick' the effects of previous experiences that have left an unwanted impact on the way you think and the way you react to your environment.

All work is performed with complete confidentiality, there is no physical touching and you are awake and aware throughout all of the processes unless, of course, you specifically request hypnotherapy (in which I am also fully qualified).

All of the methods I use are actually quite simple and straightforward and require no physical effort on your part at all. Sounds to good to be true? Give it a go, you will be surprised!